Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poland is taking center stage!

Poland and the Ukraine have been selected to host the 2012 World Cup! I know that this may not matter in the States, but it is a BIG deal here in Europe! We beat out Italy! Yeah, the hub of World Cup Football! In Europe, football is soccer. I just found out that there will be 4 cities in the Ukraine and 4 cities in Poland. One of Katowice's suburb cities, Chorczow will be one of them. I will have the World Cup playing only 15 minutes from my house! Hopefully, I will learn about European Football before that. I also hope to be able to understand more than "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!", by then! :)

Why do I tell you all of this? It is just one more example how Poland is quickly becoming very influential in Europe. This country is in the middle of deciding if it will just survive or if it will become a leader. It's youth have a lot to do with that. I have heard more and more young people trying to figure out how to stay in Poland. They are now leaving the country for shorter periods of time. I am hoping that this next generation will take pride it Poland.

I hope that they will see how much God loves them and wants a personal relationship with them . . . When God grips the heart of a Polish young person it is amazing what happens!


Kristen said...

My husband loves the World Cup! Maybe we should come visit so he can watch the games & I can hang out with you!!! (Plus, he can teach you about soccer!)

Tim said...

Don't you mean the 2010 or 2014 World Cup? I thought it was every four years. Anyway, that's awesome! I'd think about trying to attend one of the games if I didn't fear for my life with all those frenzied football fans.

Tim said...

After some checking, it shows that they are slated to host the European Championship tournament in 2012. So it's not the World Cup, but rather the big Euro soccer tournament. That would explain the dates being different. I'm sure it's still a massive deal for the Europeans. We in America don't get the craze over "football."

BritBoat said...

I'm super pumped about this!! Maybe I'll be there when it's all going down...we will see!