Monday, April 16, 2007

MOOSK - It means Brian or Moose!

Moosk is the city wide high school group that I am a part of. It is GREAT! Why the name? The kids just like the word and it turns heads!

I love the students and they are there because they want to be! We meet once a month and do crazy things! Last month it was a time to drink Coke and eat goldfish (the ones that swim . . . not the crackers!).

This month the theme was Identity. We used the "Incredibles" as our theme mascot. I was asked to speak at it. Wow! I have not spoken at one of these types of things in over 3 years and my weekend was FULL, but God was gracious and gave me words and passion where I did not have them.

I used the points in the movie where Dash wanted to be like his dad and how Vye could not use here powers properly until she understood who she was. When the whole family understood their identities, they were able to conquer anything. We then talked about how identity is hollow if it is not in Christ. I used the relationship of Paul and Timothy and how you influence more than you think and your identity is a huge contributor to that! Christ knew who he was (and is) and he influenced Paul who knew who he was, because of Christ. Paul in turn influenced a young pastor, Timothy who was learning who he was and more about Christ!

After my talk, our youth leader, Jaś gave his testimony on how his life was hollow until he saw that he was nothing without Christ and that now he is seeing how full life is! I have seen this young man transform before my eyes in the past year! I know this is a goofy picture of us, but this is why the kids love him! He is goofy yet, he speaks truth and is real!

This was our "Biggest Muscles" contest! You guessed it! Little Conrad, with no head won! He is a great kid!

GREAT TIME! Thank you , God!

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BritBoat said...

I love him! Man, it's been a while since I've seen Jas. Goodtimes!

Girl I can't wait to get there either...dang....God's doing some great stuff here, though, with my family and I. Ah, contentment and patience...tricky little boogers aren't they!