Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Weekend of Influence

This past weekend I had the privilege of sharing time with some tomorrow's church leaders. If they are any indication where the church is going, my heart rejoices! We had 115 people attend this annual conference. The subject and theme of the conference was "Influence". I like to call it "Investment".

It was not a typical conference though. It was not 3 days PACKED with lecture after lecture. Rather it was 3 days of talks, discussions, coffee and worship. Saturday evening was a wonderful worship experience nothing more. There were 3 separate sections and each was unique. As I went through, I saw these young people relax and bask in our Father's love. Many of these leaders have homes that are not the kind of influence that you would want a young leader to be living under. This was a time to rejuvenate and recapture passion!

The big question for the weekend was: "Who has influenced you and who do you influence?" It was an interesting subject. Our visual was dominoes. We even had a human dominoes contest! It was great! I got to see many young people whom I have known for years and it was great to use the Polish that I do know!

I have always said that I have just changed countries, not philosophies of ministry. Josiah Venture truly believes in investing! This weekend proved that to me.

I am back now studying very hard. I have about 12 hours of classes/tutoring and about 6-8 hours of study! Whew! That's a lot of Polish!

I am going to be sending pictures of our leaders to my email list and would like for those of you who care for Poland's youth to consider "adopting" a leader for one year. This would only entail praying for this young leader at least once a week for a year. If you don't get my email and would like to do this go to my website and email me!

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