Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fire! We got FIRE!!!

Okay, so here I am trying to clean up my place. It is just like moving in again. I got here just over 2 weeks ago, but have only had time to unpack and pack for other trips, so when I finally got home, I started to clean and unpack box after box.

I am watching "Criminal Minds" on iTunes and during a very intense scene I start to smell smoke. . . electrical smoke. NOT GOOD! I look around and WHOA! flames are shooting out of one of my wall sockets in my bedroom! I was so glad to be home at this time. I got the flames out and ran upstairs to my neighbor to get help. What do you do to a 220 volt plug that is burning up?

He came and turned off everything for me. We still have the screw in breakers in most flats and I don't know ANYTHING about this! He cleaned it up and patched it all up for me. What a wonderful way to see the neighbors again! My flat is a MESS and my Polish neighbors have to come in to see my mess AND deal with fire! Ahh!!! :)

So everything is now okay. My neighbor is checking with his company electrician to see what needs to happen and then he is going to help me fix it. God is good! The whole place could have burned down had I not been here!

So that is my story! Hope you enjoyed it. As you can tell I am "speaking" this blog rather than writing it! :)

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