Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NEVER Use the "L" Word!

I broke my own counsel! I have always told our students when they are in a Polish home NEVER say "I love that!" If you do, many times you will get to take it home. They are a very giving nation. Well, on Sunday it happened to me! I was at one of the church member's homes where she cooked Russian Perogi. YUM! She showed us a set of cups that her company makes. They were a BEAUTIFUL color of green and for those of you who know me, I LOVE GREEN! Well, I meant to say " I love that color!” but what came out was, "Love that!" Pause, "That color of GREEN!" But it was too late. The whole set was in a bag and waiting for me to take home. I looked at Laura Hash and asked what to do, and she smiled, "You got a set of cups. Invite her over for coffee and make sure you pray for her everytime you use them!"

I knew I made a blunder and yet the joy on Helena's face was wonderful. She gave something of her's to me, a fumbling, bumbling, American. Every time I use those cups I will pray for Helena and her witness at her company. So that is it, when visiting, NEVER say the "L" word or just may take it home with you! :) They are quite grand and I DO LOVE the color! Thank you Helena!


Jen said...

Picture! Take a picture of them!!! And post it here!!!

I've never thought about that before. And I say it all the time. I'm not sure I've said it in the home of a Pole before, though. Good thing. ;) I love your 'observation' posts ... the ones about life in another culture. Keem 'em coming!

Mo said...

ohmyword! I'm so far behind on your blog, it's not funny! You weren't writing there for a while, so I got out of the habit of looking! EEK!

And then I saw on Pat's that YOU'RE HERE! Let's get together, if you have time :)