Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cooking in the Van

Hey all! I just wanted to ask you to pray for this next and final camp. We are in the van and I am connected via a wireless card. It is pretty cool! This next camp is going to be great! It is very hot though and there is no airconditioning. Pray for us us we are sleeping on the third floor of the church and as everyone knows, heat rises!

Also, there has been a lot of opposition from the Catholic church against this camp. Swiebodzin is VERY Catholic and a few years ago there was a Prodistant camp and it did not go well. The local priest is not happy that another camp, so it is assumed that our camp will be the same (which it is not).

So it is in the 90s and we are in a van with only two windows that open. God is good though because the sun is starting to go down and we have a few more hours before we get there.

The American team that is working with us is GREAT! They are all college aged and I look forward to working with this group!

Thanks for your prayers!

PS Forgive the spelling errors. I have no spell check right now. :)

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