Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Camp is starting tomorrow!!!!


Camp starts tomorrow! We are traveling to Wrocław, Poland to do a NEW English camp! I am excited about the fact that we are starting THREE new camps this summer in THREE new towns! This camp will be a bit different in the fact that there is no North American team coming to work with the Polish church. It is the intern team and some great individuals along with the newest JV arrivals, Daniel and Iwona Eifling! I am excited to work with them!

Please pray for:

1. Team unity. We will all be together for the first time on Thursday.
2. For campers to see our love for Christ and for one another and that will become infectious.
3. That I lead the intern team well.
4. That as conflicts come up, which they will, we will be able to deal with them quickly and lovingly.
Most importantly, that God will move in the hearts of the young Poles as they learn English and they see that following Christ is much more than going to church and paying homage to a religious icon.

Thanks for your prayers!

Also, please pray for my old youth group from Colorado. They are stuck in Chicago, trying to come over here to do a camp. (not one I am doing, sniff sniff) Pray that they will have a great time of bonding and unity while they wait for the plane. Also, the delay has altered plans for them here, so please pray that their camp will go smoothly, according to what God has in store for them! :)


Pat R said...

Does that mean you won't get to see them? (The SGC team) I know Jen is looking forward to having coffee with you.

Krista Davis said...

shucks- plane rides aren't so fun. i don't enjoy flying as much anymore- coming home from CO i had to sprint 2 miles through the calgary airport... and now i have a big blister on my right foot because you shouldn't run in birkenstocks!!

Kayleen said...

Hey Alice,
Keep Becky in line:)(I'm from her church) May God bless you guys!I'm praying for you all.