Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Turn about the Da Vinici Code!



I have read the book. Good book, not the best writing, but good. Terrible theology and even worse historical evidence, but it was a compelling story. I look forward to see how the movie differs from the book.

I know, I know, this movie was made to do one thing: TO END CHRISTIANITY AS WE KNOW IT! Do you really think that the God of this world would let a little film take Him down?? Come on! Give me a break!

I have read many blogs from well meaning and very Godly people who are afraid of the potential of the movie casting doubt on today's Christians. This movie should be used by those who have the ability to make it relevant and share Christ THROUGH it. Why were we not afraid of one of the most popular TV shows for Christian families has been, "Touched by an Angel" even though it was just as twisted with its terrible teaching of angels, as this movie is of "the code"? This makes no sense to me.

When the Apostle Paul was in Ephesus and saw a statue of the One True God surrounded by statues of other gods. Did he walk away and boycott the area because the their view of God was not the way he thought it should be? NO! He used their view and their understanding of God and showed them through THEIR media the ONE TRUE GOD!!! Why are we afraid to do the same?

Afraid? Maybe I should use the word "Lazy". Are we too lazy to read the book and see how we can point other readers to God from the book. Are we too afraid to see the movie and be swayed by the smoking mirrors that it will most certainly have? Should our focus be on boycott or TRUTH in love?

For those who are afraid of this movie casting doubt on current Christians, I have one question for you, "Who is God? The CREATOR of the universe, Dan Brown or Tom Hanks?" We need to build each other up. Those who are strong with this movie are to help the weaker, that is what the Body of Christ does! The stronger help the weaker!

So many of us get our shorts in knots so that we can have a crusade to fight! I say, let us use the energy that we are spending in concern for this 2 hour blip of time and ask God for wisdom in using what the enemy means to harm the Gospel and turn it into an relevant way to share the TRUTH of Christ. There are far worse movies and TV shows which tell part of the truth which concern me much more than this blatant story of Fiction!

As my Polish friends say in a very thick accent, "COME ON!" Let's get with it brothers and sisters and see what the true fight is about. A movie or souls which are distended for eternal separation from God.

Maybe I have come on a bit strong, but hey, I am in Poland where you speak very bluntly and pointedly yet walk away friends and family.

May God use this media for HIS GLORY!


Hodges said...

Amen sister! I think it will be interesting to see what the actors think of the theology behind the book. I am just starting to read the DaVinci code, Dan Brown makes for a compelling mystery. Not earth shattering writing, I agree, but it keeps one interested. This should be a great opportunity to point our non-chrisitan frineds to this film and ask them if they would like to know the "Truth!"

White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing said...

You said it, "May God use this media for HIS GLORY!"

I saw the movie, and did not feel it meant to end Christianity. In my mind, it expands the average person's ideas of Christ.

It was BAD to point out His humanness? (That's what the movie said, in so many words.) Like, how silly. What's so bad about Christ being human? I thought that's what it was all about (His visit)!

I have not read the book, but enjoyed your words about your experience.

I love Christ. Please see my blog for information regarding His return to humanity. It may save the lives of you and your family.