Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Aftermath of Columbine

I took out part of this weekend to really think about Columbine and how it affected the way I do ministry. It was seven years ago when our youth group was dealing with the very real event of fellow classmates and even siblings being hurt. I think back and wonder how we all managed and how it affects me even now. Some would walk away from God asking, "How could a loving God allow this to happen?" My response was, "OH GOD! Help us make peace out of chaos! You are the only one who can!" God answered prayers and hearts filled with groanings that only the Holy Spirit could understand. He has and still is healing and causing us to look back and see how even in a terrible situation, God cared and God was there.

How does it cause me to do ministry today? I am a bit more alert to the outside kids. I also see how much God really wants me to see students as HIS and not my "kids" in youth group. I am but a steward taking care of the Master's creation. His love for them is far greater than mine (as much as I would sometimes like to think I love them more than He does). Also, GOD IS IN CONTROL even if it does not look like it. He has drawn students to himself even during a terrible event. They are now living for Him and loving others, as God would have them do.

Some of this may just be babble, but I wanted to get it down. I could not say more than "In memory . . . " on Thursday because some if it is still hard to remember. But today, I chose to remember that GOD is in control and HIS Love endures forever!


Hodges said...

Minnesota had a similar experience at a high school in Red Lake, Minnesota. I am linking an article in the Rocky Mountain News I am sure you have heard about. One of the students who went to Red Lake was from my college. The article is here.. More proof that amongst the chaos God still moves.

Bil Bro Robins said...

Hey Sis,

Nice blog today. I had something to say but it was just a bunch of p!@sed off rambling. The truth is, like you said, they're God's. Love Ya