Monday, October 10, 2005

A Weekend of Contrast


This weekend was one that was relaxing and full of “entertainment” for me. Friday night my mother and I went to a movie called "Serenity". It is a Sci-Fi flick that was created to conclude the cancelled TV series, “Firefly”. I was hooked on the series due to the interesting “GenX” worldviews it was promoting. I know, I am WEIRD! I love to look into the themes and motives of entertainment producers. “Serenity” was full of action, shootouts, and suspense as well as interpersonal conflict and self-introspection. Not typical of a Sci-Fi flick. The thing that truly caught my “worldview” antenna was the constant theme that personal strength comes from believing in something or someone and is willing to die for it or him/her. The last fight between the “good” guy and “bad” guy was not over doing what was right, but who believed in his point of view the most. It struck me that this is just one cry of my generation and the others that are coming up after me. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, it matters on what your intentions are and if they are meant to be good. Absolutes are not required. I walked away pondering how this movie cried for significance even if it did not mean to. (The subtleties of “Firefly” are what drew people to it, and yet it was cancelled after only 11 episodes.) There were other interesting themes that were weaved through the movie too.


In contrast, on Saturday night, I went to the Collision concert with the Robbie Seay Band, Shane and Shane and David Crowder Band! This concert seemed to answer the longing and questions that Serenity asked! If you think about it and are honest, the only ONE who truly gives reason for belief in someone bigger than yourself and at the end is the only one who you can fully be willing to give your life to is Jesus Christ! He is the ONLY absolute! The evening was one that was full of the celebration of WHO God is and WHO He has always been and will always be. Even if man denies who God is, it does not change the reality of Him! My spirit was refreshed!

This all got me thinking about the students here in the States and the students in Poland. Both desire to have someone or something that is bigger than them and is worth living for and dying for. This desire can be the only motive to get through life and many spend years in aimless wandering looking for "IT". Even if life without a relationship with Christ looks good, down deep inside, everyone yearns for something or someone more. The something ultimately is THAT relationship that will NEVER fade. The Someone is the CREATOR of this world and universe.

Note: Serenity could offend those who do not enjoy watching different worldviews and ideas about life and morality. View at your own risk. The Collision Concert could very well change the way you view God! Check them out! ☺

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Anonymous said...

Alice, thanks so much for your prayer letter. So you saw Serenity? I want to see it. I... aquired it... the other day, but it wasn't a good copy. I think it'll be a while before it comes out in theaters here.