Monday, October 31, 2005

Relevance or Retirement?

A few of my friends have done book reviews on their blogs, so I thought I would do the same. This book has caused me to rethink the way I will do discipleship in Poland as well as what I am doing here right now in the States. (click on the book to get the site where you can purchase it)

It is not the message that needs to be changed, but the way the message is given and the way discipleship is now done with a generation who values walking with a fellow journeymen rather than being "instructed" by a "older and wiser" believer.

Ken and Rich make sure that it is the method that they are talking about and NOT the Truth of Christ! The silent battle between the traditional church and the emerging chruch needs to be settled and FAST if we are to be known for our love for one another. I have not been comfortable with some of the consumer mentality that the emerging church can produce. Church is not somewhere to be entertained or catered to. I am also not comfortable with the fear of something "new" from the traditional church. The question is how does a church love and ebrace a generation made up of mostly "seekers"? You do not have to loose God's Revelation in order to be relevant to this world. Let's not reinvent the wheel, but improve it and speak the same "language" that other generations speak.

I then started to think how do the principles in the book affect how I live amoung non-believers? Do I speak the Message of Christ in their "language"? Do I try to understand their culture without judging them from MY "CHURCHISH" STANDARDS? Do I expect a non-believer to live the Bible's standards as a guide? What is my first thought when I see them live differently than I think they should live? Do I expect others to love God even if they have no idea of who He is beyond the cultural "norm"? How can I expect a non-believer to understand the grace of Christ when they do not even understand the word "sin"? We believers tend to use so many "church" words expecting our culture to understand them because previous generations understood past terms? How lame is THAT???? It is a different generation! Jesus was criticized in his day for hanging with the "sinners" of his day. He did not jump in and do what they did, but he spoke their "language". He was relevant WHILE holding on the truth and he said what needed to be said in love. He did not "retire" the TRUTH, He lived it!

Why am I talking about sharing Christ when this book is about discipleship? I truly believe that discipleship starts at the moment that you say "Hi." As believers we need to be intentional in each and every relationship! The question is: do I disciple in an arrogant, authoritative way, or do I approach it as a fellow journeyman? Yes, I may have more insight or less insight than my fellow journeyman, but we are on the road of life. Our job is to show the path to LIFE! It is the Holy Spirit's job to move them to that path. If we both choose the narrow path (follow Christ), then we are both on the same journey.

There is so much more about the book about discipling people who have no idea who Jesus is. I have not fully formulated all my thoughts yet and would welcome any input, especially if you have also read this book! Let me know!

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