Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My First Day of "School"

I am here at MTI (Missionary Training International). It is a great place. Each family unit has it's own room or suite. It is beautiful and very homey. I am glad I came. I have some homework already for tomorrow! They do not waste time here at all. I am learning how to learn a language. It is all “Greek” to me, or should I say Polish! ☺

The drive here was beautiful I went the back way and got to drive through the mountianish, country where there are horse and cattle ranches all over. It was a relaxing drive. I listened to Newcomer’s Home and had a great time!

When I got here I was a bit intimidated by the intensity of what I am about to embark on and for the first time in a long time, was scared of my decision to follow God. It is always scary to follow God. God is not safe, but He is good. (Taken from CS Lewis Lion Witch and Wardrobe)

I am tired and have homework to get to. I will give you my impressions after my first full day, tomorrow.

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Nate Hughes said...

Alice, wow! Thanks for posting on my blog. It is great to hear from other JV missionaries. I am excited to be at MTI in April. I'm sure you will learn so much. It will be cool to meet you at the JV Orientation in May. Good luck in school!!